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3 Ways to improve Positive Emotions Positive emotions dont just feel great &mdash.

Make a list. Add new emotions as you notice them. Look in your list Now. Think about which activities, situations, or people are involved when you have a tendency to feel each emotion. You also can go over your set of emotions at the end of your day and write down when you felt different positive feelings. Did you are feeling proud after playing well on the soccer field? Happy when your close friends remembered your birthday? Amused when your history instructor channeled his internal comedian throughout that day’s lesson? Tracking positive emotions assists us be more aware of the positive feelings we already experience, and the activities or situations that provide them. Increase a particular Positive Emotion Identify a positive emotion you would like to increase.Maybe it is time to begin allocating funds because of this project. Based on the National Association of Drinking water Companies, there are 240,000 waterline breaks a complete year. The more water primary pipe replacements are put off, the more there will be serious water breaks with large water losses and higher mounting expenses for repairing them.

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