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3D mammography reduces needless recalls.

‘We have found cancerous breast tumors no more than two to three millimeters,’ Dr. Rose stated. ‘We have found cancer earlier which will enable us to reduce the amount of treatment patients want. Rose tasks that as 3D mammography becomes the typical breast cancer screening device the size of tumors found are certain to get smaller and precision of determining between benign and cancerous tumors will improve. ‘We are able to transform lives of ladies by producing 3D mammography the standard breast cancer screening tool,’ stated Karen T.After bending one like Beckham to score a gravity-defying objective, the Aflac Duck celebrates with a victory dance while singing ‘Aflac, Aflac, Aflaaaac,’ much to the shock of one familiar enthusiast. ‘Aflac protects households during uncertain times and ‘Soccer’ drives that time home in a manner that will resonate with customers,’ Jeff Charney, Aflac senior vice president and chief marketing officer said. ‘We combined the classic family members activity – – the Saturday morning hours soccer video game – – with the Aflac Duck’s unmatched brand of humor, to remind people that Aflac has you under our wing effectively.’ This is actually the 46th industrial starring the Aflac Duck and marks the first time Aflac has introduced eight tv ads in one year.