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5 Reasons to CHOOSE an Abortion Pill While we use condoms to avoid pregnancy.

Many doctors suggest to use these when he is visited by you the very first time. It doesn’t need any sterile environment and you can have a pill anywhere. More, this can be done alone without asking for someone’s help. 2. Highly economical Compared to the other abortion methods, this is highly economical. It requires almost no money to get these pills and they are easily available on the market. Today, it is considered as the least expensive approach to abortion. 3. Least number of side effects This method gets the least side effects since all that one intakes is merely an oral tablet. There are no photos, anesthesia or medical instruments included. It doesn’t result in infections. However, it is recommended to endure a comprehensive medical checkup after abortion to ensure that one is healthy.New York City’s ban on big sodas What’s the skinny on Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed soda ban? September In, New York City approved an unprecedented measure cracking down on huge sodas bigger than 16 ounces that are sold in bars, restaurants, sporting venues, and other establishments that full beneath the jurisdiction of the city health department. It shall go into effect in March 2013. The ban however will not apply to dairy-based or alcoholic beverages. Should NY officials begin cracking down on tall-boy beers and monster margaritas now? There are no plans for that, city wellness department officials said, adding in a statement that while studies show that sweet drinks are a key driver of the obesity epidemic, alcohol is not. Health officials should consider enacting guidelines to limit alcoholic intake, but New York’s concentrate on sodas is appropriate, stated Margo Wootan, director of nutrition policy for the Center for Technology in the Public Interest, a public wellness advocacy group.