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A grassroots fight at the Ebola epicenter MONROVIA.

‘For each case of Ebola, there is approximately two more folks contaminated, we are trying to get that amount down, tuesday ‘ a Who also official said. The organization warned the condition has spread to even more geographic locations within the three affected West African countries – – Liberia, Sierra and Guinea Leone – – and the death rate from the virus had increased to 70 %. In Monrovia, Patta says community leaders are desperately trying to reverse the bad trend. The lack of recognition and urgency is slowly being changed with focussed community action, in places like the sprawling Monrovia slum of West Point particularly. Archie Gebussy is usually one local community leader who runs a advertising campaign to catch infections early and prevent the disease from spreading.Study participants said they felt the need to weigh how much they should tell other folks. Essentially, they assessed the risk to be socially stigmatized if indeed they were open about not drinking or about becoming in recovery, she added.

Rogelio Perez-Padilla, M.D., Daniela de la Rosa-Zamboni, M.D., Samuel Ponce de Leon, M.D., Mauricio Hernandez, M.D.D., Edgar Bautista, M.D., Alejandra Ramirez-Venegas, M.D., Jorge Rojas-Serrano, M.D., Christopher E.