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Academic scientist receives $125.

Academic scientist receives $125,000 from ADDF/LBDA program to study LBD The Alzheimer’s Medication Discovery Base and the Lewy Body Dementia Association announced today the recipient of their first partnership research award through the Lewy Body Dementia Biomarker Study Program. The purpose of the program can be to catalyze the discovery of innovative biomarkers that aid in early diagnosis, detection and disease monitoring of Lewy body dementias . The ADDF/LBDA system awarded $125,000 to 1 educational scientist on the leading edge of research for LBD.‘Our outcomes uncovered TBBPA binding to the estrogen sulfotransferase at the same placement and in a similar manner as estradiol binds.’ ‘Although there is a lot even more to be learned about how these chemical substances and their metabolites effect different systems in your body, every little bit of the puzzle helps increase our knowledge of the effects they could have.’ Researchers, like Pedersen and Birnbaum, hope the findings will be used by companies to build up safer alternatives to current flame retardants..