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According to the AAP.

Pediatricians routinely offer this injury-prevention counseling within their guidance to households at health care visits. Firearm injuries are often fatal – there are few second probabilities, said Marion Burton, MD, FAAP, recent past president of the AAP. Small children are curious, and are struggling to remember or follow security rules often. Older children and teens have a tendency to be moody and impulsive naturally. When you combine these characteristics with access to guns, the consequences could be permanent and tragic.Rasko, Ph.D., Dale R. Webster, Ph.D., Jason W. Sahl, Ph.D., Ali Bashir, Ph.D., Nadia Boisen, Ph.D., Flemming Scheutz, Ph.D., Ellen E. Paxinos, Ph.D., Robert Sebra, Ph.D., Chen-Shan Chin, Ph.D., Dimitris Iliopoulos, Ph.D., Aaron Klammer, Ph.D., Paul Peluso, Ph.D., Lawrence Lee, Ph.D., Andrey O. Kislyuk, Ph.D., James Bullard, Ph.D., Andrew Kasarskis, Ph.D., Susanna Wang, B.S., John Eid, Ph.D., David Rank, Ph.D., Julia C. Redman, B.S., Susan R. Steyert, Ph.D.Sc.Eng., Carsten Struve, Ph.D., Andreas M. Petersen, Ph.D., Karen A.