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Addiction on the rise in Europe Addiction is on the rise in Europe.

They’re also increasingly addicted to sugar through carbonated drinks, power beverages, concentrated foods and so on’. ‘And addiction to the internet is growing. More and more people are gambling and video gaming on the web, and an increasing number are employing it for pornography.’ The professor also notes that an increasing amount of teenagers are becoming addicted to physical fitness also to revealing their muscles and perfect bodies. ‘Some of these forms of addiction could have an effect on society’s pattern of conversation, because teenagers and their lifestyles tend to be viewed as ideals for a good life,’ he says.Genotyping of HOXB13 Variants We genotyped variants of HOXB13, a gene encoding transcription element homeobox B13, which is at our candidate interval, using the MassARRAY system and TaqMan assays . We verified all variants found on either of these systems using Sanger sequencing. Statistical Analysis We performed association analyses for the HOXB13 G84E variant using Fisher’s exact testing and linear regression models applied in the statistical program R , nor in the May 2011 launch of the NCBI 1000 Genomes sequencing project, including 1094 subjects, including 381 of European descent.11 Given the importance and specificity of HOXB13 in prostate biology, we sought to further characterize this mutation.