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Alcohol and older people: very good news.

Here’s what happens, and how to make a diagnosis that’s often missed. Although the elderly are less likely than their younger counterparts to take harmful or hazardous levels of alcohol, those who do may suffer alcohol-related health problems. Alcohol-related problems in older people are due to drug interactions often; altered medicine alcohol and pharmacokinetics metabolic process and increased medication use in the elderly contribute to this. Many elderly topics with drinking problems are not diagnosed.The experts said they didn’t look for a statistically relevant link between digit ratios and dominant behaviors like competitiveness, and suggested even more studies to look into that question.

Alexander Technique shows long-term benefit for low back pain A significant study – one of the first of its kind – has found significant evidence that the Alexander Technique can offer long-term benefit for folks suffering from chronic or recurrent low back again pain. Today in the BMJ The study by researchers in the Universities of Bristol and Southampton is published. Low back pain is one of the most common conditions seen by GPs and has a marked effect on function and quality of life. Lessons in the Alexander Technique offer an individualised approach to reducing back pain, through the teaching of life-long self-care skills that help people recognise, understand and avoid poor habits affecting postural tone and neuromuscular coordination.