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Immunohistochemical Analysis of BAF250a Immunohistochemical staining for BAF250a was performed in every samples except 42 ovarian clear-cell carcinoma specimens from the AOCS and 4 from Johns Hopkins University. All normal gynecologic tissues showed intense or moderate nuclear immunoreactivity for BAF250a. Tumors were obtained positive for BAF250a if tumor cells showed definite nuclear staining and unfavorable if tumor nuclei experienced no immunoreactivity but endothelial and other nontumor cells from the same samples demonstrated immunoreactivity. Cases in which neither regular cells in the stroma nor tumor cells were immunoreactive were considered to be the result of technical failure.Sometimes, however, children are born with only one sex chromosome or with a supplementary X or Y. Women with Turner syndrome are born with only 1 X chromosome, whereas males with Klinefelter syndrome are born with 1 or more extra X chromosomes . Occasionally, too, a genetic problem is X-linked, and therefore it is connected with an abnormality continued the X chromosome. Fragile X syndrome, which causes intellectual disability in boys, is one such disorder. Various other diseases that are caused by abnormalities about the X chromosome include Duchenne and hemophilia muscular dystrophy. Females may be carriers of the diseases, but because they inherit a standard X chromosome also, the consequences of the gene change on the affected X is minimized. Males, however, only possess one X chromosome and are more often than not the ones who’ve the substantial ramifications of the X-linked disorder.