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And 14 % do thus at least every full month.

When the sample of surveyed adults was weighted to reflect nationwide population characteristics, the researchers found that half of all respondents had regular prescription-related costs of $50 or even more, and 25 % had monthly costs of $100 or even more. Eighty-three % of respondents got some type of prescription drug insurance coverage, but even so, several patients reported that their regular monthly medication costs topped $100. Generally, there have been no notable variations in cost-related medication under-use across groups defined by race, gender or educational attainment.Democrats in Congress possess recently presented legislation in both Home and the Senate that would make such deals illegal. However, if earnings from drug patents are curtailed, companies might have less cash to invest in riskier research that could lead to the advancement of new types of medicines. This, in turn, could reduce the number of drugs open to consumers. What do you think can be done to provide consumers with affordable drugs and keep cash flowing to R&D simultaneously? Photo by klynslis.

Absorption Systems awarded FDA SBIR grant for developing its CellPort Technologies testing platform Absorption Systems LP today announced that it has been awarded a Phase II SMALL COMPANY Innovation Analysis grant from the U.S.