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And they hope their analysis shall shed light on human disease.

The OPT images may help to speed up genetic study into Alzheimer’s and various other human illnesses that affect human brain cells. Dr Mary O’Connell of the MRC Individual Genetics Device who led the study explained: ‘Neurodegeneration, the gradual loss of function of brain cells occurring in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and motor neurone diseases, is not a strictly individual phenomenon. Insects are influenced by it as well. In the autumn, bees and wasps develop erratic behaviour before they die often.’ Because the fruit fly and human talk about many genes with similar functions, the fly is trusted by genetic experts to review how genes influence individual disease. ‘It’s currently known that defects in the same fly genes involved with mind diseases cause brain cells in fruit flies to lose function as they age,’ Dr O’Connell continuing.The group of joint symposia was organized to help improve the visibility of diabetic kidney disease and improve its care and outcomes. The next symposia will take place at ASN’s annual meeting, in November 2011l to be held in Philadelphia. ‘These discussions help fortify the ties between ASN and the American Diabetes Association,’ said Dr. Bonventre. ‘Eventually we expect they will advance the prevention and treatment of diabetic nephropathy, and also encourage more young investigators to enter this field.’..