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We concur that the preferred long-term solution is to develop payment systems that prize quality over quantity, and we support MedPAC’s approach to find a more immediate alternative that addresses self-referral. ASTRO’s placement is definitely that radiation therapy ought to be removed from the Stark law’s exception, and we are interested in working with MedPAC, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Solutions and Congress on the proposed substitute for require group practices to show ‘clinical integration’ to be able to offer radiation therapy through the Stark legislation exception. The MedPAC report comes on the heels of an April 16 letter asking the GAO to investigate the clinical and economic impact of self-referral abuses in radiation oncology.. ASTRO urges MedPAC to recommend end to abuse of physician self-referral rules in radiation oncology The American Society for Radiation Oncology commends the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission for highlighting concerns about physician self-referral in cancer care in its report released yesterday.By combining two high-resolution imaging technology, the new technique provides doctors with 3-D images of the retina, macula and the optic nerve. Such high resolution pictures provide clinicians with features for early analysis and treatment of common ocular illnesses such as glaucoma, diabetes and age-related macula degeneration. OTI is planning soon to extend the clinical research to various other leading university medical centres in Japan, Europe and USA.