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ASU receives W.

Keck Basis has awarded Arizona State University a $1 million grant to the team of researchers led by Deirdre Meldrum, Ph.D., at the Biodesign Institute. The team is attempting to build a next-era, three-dimensional imaging microscope, called a Cell-CT scanner, that will perform practical computed tomographic imaging of specific living cells. This groundbreaking technology allows researchers to observe and assess the cellular function and disease status of living cells, enabling scientists to get new insights into the metabolic pathways of disease, such as cancer. This next-era Cell-CT scanner presents a transformative watch of the biological structural and practical inter-relationships at the one cell level. Leveraging leading-edge technology developed by VisionGate, Inc.July 31 CONMED Linvatec issued Medical Gadget Protection Alert letters to customers dated, 2009 providing information on findings from the business’s ongoing continuous quality improvement process. Pursuing discussions with the Medication and Food Administration, CONMED Linvatec has created a voluntary recall plan for the affected items. The recall program is more described below. In the PRO6 and PRO5 Medical Device Security Alert Letter, CONMED Linvatec notified clients about the unlikely probability for units to possibly self-activate. The letter also reminded customers that effective and safe use of the handpieces includes inserting the battery from the procedure site along with not touching or coming into contact with shifting parts while inserting the battery, and to follow recommended handling and user instructions.