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Cloft, M.D., Ph.D. For the SAMMPRIS Trial Investigators: Stenting versus Aggressive Medical Therapy for Intracranial Arterial Stenosis Atherosclerotic intracranial arterial stenosis is one of the most common factors behind stroke globally1-6 and is connected with a high threat of recurrent stroke.7-9 Patients with a recently available transient ischemic attack or stroke and severe stenosis are at particularly high risk for recurrent stroke in the territory of the stenotic artery despite treatment with aspirin and regular management of vascular risk factors.8,10 Therefore, alternate therapies are necessary for these patients.Another new research to be offered by U.S. Navy experts later on this week warns that it might happen in less than seven years, seven years from now.’ And Maslowski himself informed users of the American Geophysical Union the same yr that the Arctic’s summer season ice could completely disappear within the decade. ‘If anything, our projection of 2013 for removing ice in summer time. Is already too conservative,’ he said. Fast-forward for this day time. Per CNSNews.com: [We]nstead of completely melting off, the polar icecap reaches now at its highest level because of this right season since 2006. Satellite television photos of the Arctic taken by NASA in August 2012 and August 2013 show a 60 % upsurge in the polar ice sheet, more than half how big is Europe, despite ‘reasonable’ predictions by climate scientists six years ago that the North Pole would be completely melted by now.