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In short, an intention-to-treat efficacy evaluation was performed for all individuals receiving at least one dosage of the analysis medication . Patients with missing values were categorized as devoid of had a response.05 thought to indicate statistical significance. Constant variables were evaluated by using a t-check or a non-parametric test. Results Characteristics of the Patients Demographic and baseline scientific characteristics of the individuals in the three treatment groups are shown in Desk 1Table 1Baseline Features of the Study Participants. And are referred to in further details in the Supplementary Appendix. Adverse Events Of the 90 patients included in the study, 10 withdrew .The research also reveal significant variations in the amount of follow up care given in these cases – – differences often linked to the type of element used and age those attempting suicide. For example, while over 90.2 % of adolescents who visited medical center crisis departments for attempting suicide with antidepressants received follow up care, only 52.4 % of adolescent cases involving ibuprofen received it. Likewise, 83.1 % of the cases involving adolescents using alcohol received follow up care while only 59.4 % of alcohol related cases among those age 25 or older received it. In 2007 , suicides in the United States accounted for 34,598 deaths – almost twice the amount of homicides .