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In a released feature paper newly.

Her evaluation appears in the January/February 2007 edition of the health policy journal Health Affairs, which devotes the entire issue to cardiovascular medication. ‘Any new technology is only valuable to the degree that it prospects to improved patient care,’ says Redberg. ‘The existing ‘pay today, benefits might adhere to’ model is in part to blame for why the U.S. Spends more per capita on healthcare than any other nation yet its system ranks just 37th in overall performance.’ Current estimates show healthcare spending in the usa exceeds 15 % of the gross domestic product. Based on the National Coalition on HEALTHCARE, this spending–more than 3 x the rate of inflation–is expected to increase to more than 20 % of the GDP within the next 10 years.It is becoming clear, however, that estrogen deficiency could be essential in the pathogenesis of some consequences of male hypogonadism, such as bone loss.6-8 The potential role of estrogen insufficiency in the pathogenesis of other effects of hypogonadism, such as for example alterations in body composition or sexual function, is unknown largely. Information on the function of estrogens in male hypogonadism may help identify guys at risk for specific manifestations of the problem and may give a rationale for novel approaches to its management. We sought to look for the relative degree of testosterone deficiency, estradiol insufficiency, or both at which undesirable adjustments in body composition, strength, and sexual function start that occurs and whether those changes are because of androgen deficiency, estrogen insufficiency, or both.