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In many types of cancer.

In many types of cancer, the BRAF gene is to increase to increase the growth and spread of cancer cells. TMD BRAF assay detects the most common mutation in this gene. Similarly PI3KCA mutations in various solid tumors, including breast, colon, lung, ovarian, liver and stomach cancer have been found. TMD is PI3KCA assay detects the four most common mutations in this gene.

.. As assays are increasingly in cancer treatment in cancer treatment, TMD already offers a test for colorectal cancer associated with KRAS gene mutation. Recently recommended by the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, that all patients with metastatic colorectal cancer be tested for mutations in the KRAS gene. And Operations D offering among the first laboratories to check the KRAS test for the clinical development of treatments, said Christopher Ung, Vice President of Strategic Business and Operations for TMD lab Quintiles. Using mutation assays probably the standard of care in the future will be. Today we are among the first to offer BRAF and PI3KCA assays, as these solid tumor mutations on the leading edge of cancer research and personalized options options.In addition, community pharmacist are able on advised women who overweight or obese before it provide pregnant. Manager told Supplies Pharmacies also lead weight check Kliniken. Ruth Wakeman NPA Information Department Manager, said: ‘Community pharmacies would be an ideal way to for the expansion provision of Healthy Start Vitamin compounds with the roller, the NPA is with other chemists Boards have been discuss the contact the Department of health care the need appears. Distribution mechanism by which community pharmacies only for these products.

Is often the community pharmacist about the use of on the use of OTC medicines, if a woman is trying to understand and This is the an ideal opportunity to provide nutritional information before conception.. The NPA is did Recommended, NICE Public Health Programme ‘further improve guidelines on diet out of pregnant and lactating women mothers and children in low-income households. ‘The NPA is recommended that the program will has town role as providers of Healthy Start vitamin supplements.

Community apothecary are ideally positioned service services, since they already having of public health advice on nutrition, supply of vitamins, supplements, baby formula and babycare products. Community pharmacies Soccer both pregnant women and mothers out of young children and the pharmacists many times be consulted as consultant.