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Kaiser Health Information: Capsules: AMA To Do &39.

IPX066 can be an investigational extended discharge carbidopa-levodopa product intended to treat the engine symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. On November 18, 2010, the ongoing company reported positive top-line results of the APEX-PD trial. The results demonstrated the protection and efficacy of IPX066 in individuals with early PD. The analysis met its primary efficacy endpoint of change from baseline in the sum of United Parkinson’s Disease Rating Level Parts II and III rating at end of study.Since serotonin is usually a calming, painkilling substance that’s secreted in response to sugars and carbohydrate consumption, it could explain why people turn to sugar when depressed, as it might be an effort to replenish serotonin in the system. AllergiesDr. James Braly, M.D., believe we become dependent on foods as a way of adapting to allergic reactions to them, and we tend to crave foods we are allergic to since it keeps the withdrawal symptoms at bay. When we want a certain food to feel great, or not feel bad, we become dependent on it and create an allergy/addiction syndrome. Research shows that excessive cravings for any chemicals indicates an allergic condition with regards to it, and by exposing oneself to it constantly, it helps prevent addicts from experiencing violent shows of allergic symptoms.