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Long-term model for pharmacy services and compensation.

Pharmacy clearly understands the need for responsible investment throughout a time of fiscal restraint. On the other hand, we believe that it is vitally important that the government understand the dangers to patient treatment and services also, along with the viability of community pharmacies, if the national government were to go forward with cuts to pharmacy funding. By agreeing to this collaborative transition strategy, they show that they are hearing, and we appreciate that. The interim contract is the result of ongoing dialogue between pharmacy and the Minister and his Ministry officials. It was formalized with a memorandum of understanding between Alberta Health and fitness, the Alberta Pharmacists’ Association, and the Canadian Association of Chain Drug Stores.It is bad authorities that authorized the GMOs. Bad authorities enforced the medical monopoly and allowed the pesticides to destroy the honeybees. Bad authorities drove us into inescapable debts and costly international wars. Bad federal government outlawed health freedom and shielded the monopolistic methods of the food companies, drug companies and chemical companies. The downfall of modern human civilization can be, as you guessed most likely, also the downfall of the very idea that Big Authorities creates a better culture. Because if there’s one proven fact that needs to stay dead following the collapse, it’s the proven fact that We the People somehow need another group of people to live off our effort while hounding us with their fake authority, directing every small details of our lives.