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Or almost 7 million.

‘All the studies we identified showed an advantage of deworming for both maternal and child health’, remarks Simon Brooker, ‘but since a variety of outcome steps were utilized, quantitative evaluation had not been possible. Nevertheless, given the many pregnant women defined as being affected by hookworm, and vulnerable to hookworm-related anaemia therefore, which is easily treatable, further research are warranted, and efforts should be made to increase insurance coverage of anthelmintic treatment among women that are pregnant in sub-Saharan Africa’.. 7 million pregnant women in sub-Saharan Africa infected with hookworms A report published by PLoS reveals that between a quarter and a third of women that are pregnant in sub-Saharan Africa, or almost 7 million, are infected with hookworms, putting them vulnerable to anaemia.Actos reduces the combined risk of nonfatal heart episodes, strokes in individuals with type-2 diabetes A study published in The Lancet implies that Takeda’s Actos , an oral glucose lowering medication, reduces the combined threat of non-fatal center attacks significantly, strokes and deaths by yet another 16 percent on top of standard medicine, such as statins, fibrates, ACE inhibitors, beta blockers, other glucose-lowering medicines and anti-platelet medications, in individuals with type-2 diabetes with high risk of cardiovascular disease. Which means that for each 48 sufferers treated with Actos over 3 years one major cardiovascular event or loss of life can be prevented. Viewing pioglitazone improve these cardiovascular outcomes can be an impressive result especially as these sufferers were already receiving regular treatments including the use of lipid-modifying medications, anti-hypertensives, aspirin and other glucose-lowering agents, stated Professor Ian Campbell, Consultant Physician at Victoria Medical center, Edinburgh, Scotland.