PRESS RELEASE BETHESDA, MD—ASHP has released two new guidance documents and online schooling opportunities related to the brand new ASHP Accreditation Regular for Postgraduate Year A single Pharmacy Residency Applications . These resources aim to improve transparency and regularity in the residency accreditation procedure and provide easily accessible training possibilities for residency programs. The documents help programs interpret the typical, understand the associated competency areas, goals, and objectives, and assess their degree of compliance. The interpretations also describe the methods accreditation surveyors use to evaluate compliance, including review of documentation, discussions with the scheduled program director, preceptors, and residents, and observations gathered during a tour of facilities.It involves cutting your skin with scissors, paper clip, pen or other razor-sharp objects. Teenage cutting statistics show that 15 and 20 percent of teenagers who slice themselves continue to do it as adults. Contrary to what many adults think, teenage cutting is not a bid to get attention. Actually, most teens are ashamed of their behavior and go quite a distance in trying to cover up their practices. There are various reasons why teens take part in Self Mutilation Cutting. One of the common factors of teen cutting is control of feelings. When teenagers are experiencing intense emotions, they are able to use cutting to worsen the intensity. They use self harm to express feelings that they can not put in word.