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This comparison between the findings for asthma and the ones for atopy may indicate that microbial exposures affect the dangers of asthma and atopy through different mechanisms; the comparison parallels that between the different genetic determinants of the two conditions.27 To conclude, the results of both the PARSIFAL research and GABRIELA showed that children living in farms had a wider range of microbial exposures than children in the reference groups, which largely explained the defensive effect of the farming environment in the development of asthma in children. Our methods don’t allow us to recognize specific microbes that could confer protection, however they possess allowed us to identify broad families of species within microbial taxa that could be responsible for the effect of the farming environment.We manually searched various other relevant references listed in published papers also. Only peer-reviewed publications in Chinese or English were considered. Inclusion and exclusion criteriaBecause there is absolutely no laboratory test that can verify the analysis of EM, papers that used the following inclusion requirements to define an EM case had been included in the potential relevant papers pool: burning extremity pain, discomfort aggravated by warming, pain relieved by cooling, erythema of affected skin, and increased temperature of affected skin. To be able to demonstrate the spatial distribution of epidemic EM occasions in China, all of the relevant papers which met the following requirements were included: subjects must be main epidemic EM cases; time and area of study should be offered; and the analysis location should be in China.