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Researchers led by Alexander Ortega all article here.

Researchers led by Alexander Ortega, associate professor at the University of California – Los Angeles School of Public Health conducted, examined data from 42,044 responses to the 2003 California Health Interview Survey, a randomized study of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, and the State Department of Public Health all article here .

Ortega and colleagues found that, in addition to probably have less health insurance, illegal immigrants are less likely to visit a doctor, clinic or ED. In addition, after adjusting for age, health insurance status and poverty level, researchers found that illegal immigrants still made fewer visits to the doctor and were 30 percent less likely than US – born Latinos, J. A consistent source of health care. Ortega said: The current debate that illegal immigrants are a drain on the public because they overuse public resources is not confirmed by data, for either primary care or emergency room care. . In fact, they appear to be underutilizing the system because their health needs (Engel, Los Angeles Times.

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