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Say physicians at Mayo Clinic.

Two of these patients were treated a lot more than three years ago and so are still in remission. The results are far superior to what we have seen before or actually expected were possible, says Keith Bible, M.D., Ph.D., a business lead investigator of the study, along with Robert Foote, M.D., and Julian Molina, M.D., Ph.D. However, the huge benefits come at the cost of toxicity, the researchers add. Toxicity is an extremely real issue, to the real point that lots of patients required hospitalization linked to side effects from the treatment, but no deaths resulted from therapy, says Dr.The study reveals that function to achieve meaningful use is definitely well underway: 67 % of hospital executives have already implemented or are along the way of implementing new capabilities in order to meet up with the federal requirements, and 51 % are targeting fiscal year 2011 to qualify for meaningful use. Approximately one-third are considering fiscal year 2012. The biggest barrier for hospitals to go forward in preparing for meaningful make use of, as indicated in the survey results, was the lack of final guidelines .