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However, in common with other studies of veterans, those that thought that they might have Gulf battle syndrome reported exactly the same types of indicator as veterans who had not been deployed to the Gulf. They reported these symptoms at higher frequencies just. This finding provides evidence against a unique Gulf battle syndrome The researchers sent a questionnaire to all or any UK military personnel who had been deployed to the Gulf region some time between August 1990 and June 1991.When you take small pill collagen products you are assisting to recharge the elasticity in your skin, making your skin appear stronger, firmer and younger. However, furthermore to making you look younger, collagen tablets also promote joint health, preventing all the pains and aches that have a tendency to c ome with maturing. All of us wish to keep our youthfulness so long as possible, specifically the youth in our face. We may grow wiser, bolder and more powerful with age, but there is no justification that maturity needs to appear through lines, bags and wrinkles will it now? Small pill collagen supplements, especially those containing vitamin A and C are geared particularly to regain the natural collagen that the body has lost so that your skin tightens and gets stronger the natural way.