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This disease can be life threatening.

Gastrointestinal disturbances like vomiting and diarrhea causing dehydration 12. Irritability and mood changes 13. Depression 14. Sexual dysfunction Addisonian Crisis – Acute adrenal failure Although the symptoms of Addison’s disease are gradual, sometimes, they may appear abruptly indicating endocrine failure. These signs or symptoms are as follows: – 1. Discomfort in lower back 2. Sudden drop in blood pressure 3. Fainting 4. Diarrhea and vomiting leading to dehydration 5. High blood potassium levels 6. Discomfort in hip and legs 7. Abdominal pain Addisonian crisis is usually caused by untreated Addison’s disease or physical injury and illnesses. Main hormones produced by Endocrine Gland: – * Glucocorticoids: – These hormones are essential for food metabolism.He collaborates with Professor Timothy O'Brien, Director of REMEDI, to build up new methods to increase recovery of diabetic wounds. Professor O'Brien, principal investigator on the research project, said: ‘This data will now allow us check out apply for authorization to carry out first in human studies of the therapeutic approach. We are preparing the regulatory submission to undertake a individual clinical trial currently. Meanwhile, portion of the funding needed to pursue the individual clinical trial offers been received from Diabetes Ireland.’ ‘MSC's have got many attractive therapeutic properties’, Professor O'Brien added.