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Today announced that it has raised $16 million in the original close of a Series C financing.

Remon programs to use the money to expand its existence in the U.S. And continue the advancement of its product portfolio, through its Israeli R&D subsidiary. The technology is integrated into minute implants, needing no antenna, cables, or connecting leads, allowing a tiny device implanted deep in the physical body to communicate wirelessly with other implanted devices and external systems. These devices monitor a number of physiological parameters or stimulate cells and organs or activate other devices, creating therapeutic responses. Remon intends to commercialize its product through internal attempts and strategic collaborations with world-leading partners. Remon Medical has finished the enrollment because of its clinical trial of the Remon ImpressureTM, a gadget that offers on-demand, noninvasive means to monitor intra-aneurysm pressures following endo-vascular graft procedures.3) RANDOM BLOOD SUGAR TEST: – The RBG does just what it says and requires a random blood test being taken. RBG assessments can be carried out without the assistance of your doctor using a glucose meter . The test consists of pricking your finger with a lancing device , placing the bloodstream on a test strip and then inserting this check strip into your glucose meter to get a reading. If multiple RBG testing show you have blood sugar levels higher than 200 mg/dL then you may have diabetes. Although RBG testing are easy to perform they should NOT be used as the just check when diagnosing diabetes. They are approximately 10 percent as accurate as laboratory tests and for that reason any concerns you might have as the result of multiple RBG testing should be followed up together with your doctor.