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S. Lockman, M online pharmacy .D. Hughes, J. McIntyre, Y. Zheng, T. Chipato, F. Conradie, F. Sawe, A. Asmelash, M.C. Hosseinipour, L. Mohapi, E. Stringer, R. Mngqibisa, A. Siika, D. Atwine, J. Hakim, D. Shaffer, C. Kanyama, K. Wools-Kaloustian, R.A. Salata, E. Hogg, B. Alston-Smith, A. Walawander, E. Purcelle-Smith, S. Eshleman, J. Rooney, S. Rahim, J.W. Mellors, R.T. Schooley, and J.S. Currier for the OCTANE A5208 Study Group: Antiretroviral Therapies in Women after Single-Dose Nevirapine Exposure In 2008, approximately 430,000 infants were newly infected with human immunodeficiency virus type 1 .1 In 2007, only 1 in three pregnant women contaminated with HIV received antiretroviral medications to avoid mother-to-child transmission.

All the authors made the decision to post the manuscript for publication and believe responsibility for the precision and completeness of the info and analyses. Study Individuals The look of the EMPHASIS-HF trial has been published at length,6 and the trial protocol and statistical analysis plan are available at NEJM.org. The trial was accepted by each center’s ethics committee. All individuals provided written educated consent. Randomization was that occurs within six months after hospitalization for a cardiovascular cause. Patients who was not hospitalized for a cardiovascular cause within 6 months prior to the screening visit could possibly be enrolled if the plasma level of B-type natriuretic peptide was at least 250 pg per milliliter or if the plasma degree of N-terminal pro-BNP was at least 500 pg per milliliter in men and 750 pg per milliliter in women.