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A network of friends.

Close contact with children and relatives had little impact on survival rates over the a decade. But a strong network of friends and confidants significantly improved the chances of survival over that period. People that have the strongest network of close friends and confidants lived longer than those with the fewest friends/confidants. The authors speculate that friends might influence health behaviours, such as for example smoking and drinking, or looking for medical help for troubling symptoms.The injury is seen as a joint instability that leads to reduced activity, unsatisfactory knee function, and poor knee-related standard of living for a while,1,2 and it is associated with an increased threat of osteoarthritis of the knee. 3 Medical reconstruction of the torn ligament has been thought to be critical for a good outcome and is commonly performed, particularly in those wishing to resume sports activities.2,4,5 Despite a lack of evidence from high-quality randomized, controlled trials evaluating ACL reconstruction with other remedies,2,3,6-8 at least 200,000 ACL reconstructions are performed each year in the United States, with estimated direct costs of $3 billion annually.9 Structured rehabilitation supervised by way of a physical therapist is a central facet of treatment,10 though it is not always offered to patients.