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A surgical procedure known in politically correct terminology as abortion.

Will mad science use implant technology to build up human-animal hybrids eventually? Earlier research has attemptedto grow immature human being kidneys in the abdomens of mice, but this most recent study represents the 1st time that whole organs have been effectively sown inside pets. If the process proves to be successful on a more substantial scale, it forebodes a future where aborted human babies become a industrial commodity for companies to capitalize on artificial organ development. If taken to its extreme, the process may also one day be able to breed hybrid human-pets with unnatural mixtures of human and animal body parts – – whatever fits the agenda of future scientific endeavors.We compared thrombectomy with medical therapy by itself in eligible individuals who had received intravenous alteplase within 4.5 hours after the onset of symptoms without revascularization after 30 minutes of alteplase infusion or who had a contraindication to intravenous alteplase. The trial was monitored by an independent safety and data monitoring board. The steering committee designed the analysis, had unrestricted access to the data, and together with all the coauthors reviewed the analysis with study statisticians, wrote the first and subsequent drafts of the manuscript, and attest to the integrity of the trial, the fidelity of the report to the analysis protocol, and the accuracy and completeness of the reported data.