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Alere awarded grant to develop technologies for TB detection Alere Inc.

announced today that it’s been awarded a grant of up to $21.6 million and debt financing of up to $20.6 million from the Costs & Melinda Gates Foundation. The $21.6 million grant will fund the development of a tuberculosis assay, which will be designed for use in both well-resourced and resource-constrained settings. Furthermore, the Gates Foundation provides below-market loans of up to $20.6 million for the expansion and level up of Alere's manufacturing facilities in Jena, Germany for both POC TB Nucleic Acid Ensure that you the POC HIV Viral Load Check currently in the final stages of development. The Gates Foundation will provide these loans in trade for commitments from Alere to create these diagnostics available at a realistic price to people in want in developing countries.On Friday And, Italian doctors stated they’d transplanted two windpipes injected with the recipients’ own stem cells. But these developments just hint at what’s getting explored in experiments across the United States. Much of the task is early, and even as experts speak of its promise, they ask for tolerance and warn against clinics that aggressively marketplace stem-cell remedies without scientific backing. A few of the new methods, just like the long-proven treatments, are based on the theory that stem cells can change into other cells.