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As Tropical Storm Erika Eye Southeastern U.

On Friday, Florida Gov. Rick Scotta declared a continuing state of emergency, as Erika is expected to hit that condition by Monday. The soaker of a storm has recently left 12 dead as it crosses the Caribbean. To prepare yourself, families living in the paths of tropical storms and hurricanes must have an emergency communication program that specifies out-of-state relatives or friends as primary contacts, according to Marcus Robinson, director of security and chief fire official at Broward University in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.I think 23andMe is going for a very forward-leaning step. Last month, 23andMe was profiled on CBS TODAY: CBS TODAY New company tests DNA for disease and genealogy 23 and Me allows visitors to send in an example of their DNA to learn about their likelihood of getting certain illnesses and even track their genealogy. .

Advanced cancer individuals have less quality sleep Patients with stage four cancer are more susceptible to disturbed sleeping patterns because of factors such as pain, treatment unwanted effects and psychological causes, according to a study published in the June 1st issue of the journal SLEEP. The scholarly research, conducted by Kyriaki Mystakidou, MD, PhD, and co-workers at the University of Athens, Greece, was finished by 102 individuals with the average age of 62.8 years and who had stage four cancer.