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All but 1 of the 9 donors with HBV disease were identified by way of minipool nucleic acid tests; the rest of the donor required individual-donation nucleic acid screening for detection and tested non-reactive by intermediate dilutions. Of the 9 donors with HBV disease, 8 were do it again donors, and 1 was a first-time donor . The mean age of the infected donors was 26 years; 6 of the donors were men. Recognition of HCV and HIV Fifteen HCV-seronegative donors acquired confirmed positive results for HCV RNA on PCR assay at their index donation.Other applications include providing distinctive features in orthopaedic and joint research, diagnosing renal function, and even vocal-cord analysis. For patients, the new technology can mean less time in a scanner and much less exposure to radiation, stated Dr. Phil Evans, associate vice president for clinical professor and imaging of radiology. Dose has been a concern in the medical literature for a long time and folks have been very worried about it, stated Dr. Evans, who directs UT Southwestern’s Clinical Imaging Solutions.