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Medium dose) . The median amount of platelet transfusions administered was five in the low-dose group as compared with three in the medium-dosage group and three in the high-dose group . Responses to Platelet Transfusions The low-dose, medium-dose, and high-dose groups differed considerably in the median post-transfusion platelet count , the median upsurge in platelet count after transfusion , and the median amount of days until the next transfusion . The median 4-hour corrected count increment was 10,000 in the low-dose group, 10,000 in the medium-dose group, and 11,000 in the high-dose group, with no significant differences among groupings. Adverse Events There were no significant differences among the three groups in the occurrence of any specific category of serious adverse events or in the %age of patients who had one or more serious adverse events .It in the affected region and let it dry Apply. Clean it off with fresh water. This can help to reduce Acne. – Crush a few garlic pods and make a paste by adding some honey and curd. The paste on the affected area Apply. This is effective among various kinds of acne. Apply the paste on the pimples only. Rinse it off after some time using fresh water. – Make a paste of blended cucumber and apply it on encounter as a mask. Leave the paste for half an hour to dry on the area which is affected by acne. Rinse it off with fresh water Gently. – vera juice is known to have an effect on acne Aloe. Use the juice as ointment on Pimples. – Blend finely powdered Fuller’s earth and a tablespoonful of potato juice . Apply it as a mask and then rise off with lukewarm water followed by a cool water splash.