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Methods Study Design From 2004 through 2011, we conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial where we administered either benznidazole or matching placebo orally in 2854 patients for 40 to 80 times at 49 centers in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, and El Salvador. Ethics approvals were obtained at the coordinating and scientific centers. All the individuals provided written educated consent. Full details are provided in the process, which is available with the entire text of this content at NEJM.org. Research Population Inclusion and exclusion criteria previously have been reported.23 Eligible patients had been between 18 and 75 years of age, acquired at least two positive serologic testing for T.Finally, the technical complexity of establishing specifications is daunting. As Koppel explains, something ostensibly simple even, such as for example blood-pressure measurement, can get lost in translation due to the modifiers accompanying the amounts: standing, seated, preinjection, labile, noncompliant. So imagine a common vocabulary for MRI reviews or operative notes. Although industry influence is indisputable, such an description conflicts with the impression I acquired from Judy Faulkner, chief executive officer of EHR maker Epic Systems, who advocates for government-created requirements. Whether or not other vendors are prepared to make their items interoperable, government often overrides industry’s financial interests to achieve a larger public good.